Hunter Drone Services has all of your aerial agricultural needs covered, from simple jobs like aerial pictures to more complex like contour surveys and full 3d mapping to help with planning the next step forward in your property or harvesting developments.

Do you want to increase your yields and reduce your out goings of fertilizer and other chemicals, know where the best and worse parts are in your crops?
With NDVI = Normalized Difference Vegetation Index map, this incredible camera can tell you what crops are healthy and which are not, if you need more water or fertilization to really increase your yield and most importantly you bank account.
Some people use this via a satellite feed but the data is very sketchy, using the latest cameras and a drone , our data is superior to the satellite simply because the reflected radiation does not have to travel through the entire atmosphere to be collected, its collected in real time and you don’t need to wait until the satellite is finally over head.

We also offer Thermal imagery which is also used to monitor things like plant stresses and irrigation leaks, we can see from above what you just simply can’t with the naked eye on the ground.

This is currently being used in the vineyards to monitor the yielding amounts in grapes and the areas in which need more attention. So don’t stand back and watch all your hard work just earn you a reasonable harvest.

Call us at Hunter Drone Services to come and help you get the best results for all your time and hard work, it’s very affordable so contact us today !

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Hunter Drone Services is passionate about photography and so we are taking.

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Hunter Drone Services is passionate about photography and so we are taking.

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