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Drone Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging is an interesting feature that facilitates image analysis, based on a certain characteristic – heat. Thermal imaging has a wide range of commercial and industrial applications that cater to a myriad of simple to complex needs. Professional aerial photography drone Services has all of your aerial Thermal needs covered, from detecting moisture in buildings, walls and roofs. We can also offer electrical hot spot detection and power line failures.

The operation of thermal imaging is based on temperature difference. If the cause or effect of the problem is heat dissipation, thermal imaging can detect quite precisely. With the latest Flir Thermal and Radiometric cameras, we can pinpoint a specific temperature range, so for example, a gas leak is a leak of gas which is very cool we can pinpoint that temperature range and find the smallest gas leaks in minutes not days. This will certainly prevent hazards and will help you fix the issue with much ease.

Thermal imaging can turn out to be a big challenge due to accessibility constraints. But, using a drone can help you overcome this challenge and make the process all the more convenient; it’s a safe and reliable tool for the professionals who operate in remote areas.

With radiometric (temperature) data directly from a UAV (drone) and displaying the data on the screen of the remote control in real time, thermal camera for drone can make a whole world of difference as far as accessibility is concerned. Using our professional drone thermal camera, we can diagnose and help fix the issue real fast, which might take a couple of days and additional efforts otherwise.

There’s more to our drone thermal imaging service than what meets the eye. We also offer SES search and rescue services for lost people or animals and also for monitoring fire breakouts that the helicopters can’t see. This gives our drone thermal imaging service a leading edge over the incompetent substitutes.

We are currently looking forward to doing Ski resorts search and rescue as the radiometric date can penetrate a portion into the snow to pick up body heat. The process is a real fast and effective way of helping to save lives..

If you are looking for an agency, which is friendly, reliable and diligent, then please contact Hunter Drone Services today with your next Thermal project. We can save you lots of time and costs for sure. You can certainly look forward to partnering with us on a long-term basis.


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