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We can do jobs as important as SES search and rescue with the latest in full thermal cameras with the capability to set a temperature range through the pixels meaning it’s not you basic white hot black cold which will miss very critical information.

With the temperature range set we can put the camera on a specific spot and give you an accurate temperature reading as well.

We also are helping the agricultural sector with NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index ) which means we can tell you exactly where your crops are going wrong, under watered or fertilized or to much , plus also look for irrigation leaks, 3d mapping or contour survey for expansion.

We do Environmental services from water sampling , air sampling and can even do soil sampling on most soils.

This is just a tip of the services we provide, its as limited as your thoughts.

please contact us today with any custom projects we can help with.

Hunter Drone Services

We do Projects from surveying, real estate and agriculture NDVI, plus Thermal services
NSW Office in Bolwarra 2320
Jase on 0438 58 99 66 or

QLD Office in Emerald 4720
Karl on 0458 53 41 31 or

Please look through the galley of our work

Hunter Drone Services is a qualified RPA operator and we hold our Masters UAV OC, with full insurance