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Since the invention of camera, photography has been the cornerstone of marketing industry. This advertising strategy is getting better and more sought-after with each passing decade.

It was genius of him who first coined the concept of drone photography, but it’s Hunter Drone Services that has utilized this concept to help big and small businesses and corporations to realize their marketing goals with greater impact. The modern-era clients have embraced commercial drone photography like never before, because of the guaranteed benefits and cost-effective operation.

Whether you need aerial footages for your advertising campaigns or to suffice any similar requirement at the commercial front, Hunter Drone Services can offer the best solutions to procure stunning results.

Commercial drone photography covers a diverse range of industries, from construction & mining to sports events and real estate. The compact size and easy operation of drones provide flexibility to manoeuvre this device around any kind of commercial setting or irregular terrain. This translates into broader applications of commercial drone photography.

Reap Benefits with Commercial Drone Photography

Commercial drone photography has various advantages over hiring an aircraft for the purpose. First of all, hiring an aircraft will cost you an arm and a leg, while on the other hand, hiring a drone photography service will incur only a fraction of cost. Secondly, aircrafts cannot fly as low as a drone can. This point is worth mentioning because most aerial shots are taken from few metres above the ground. And, as far as the maximum altitude is concerned, the professional drone that we use is capable of taking pictures effortlessly at a height of 120 metres and even beyond.

When it comes to commercial drone photography, precision matters more than anything else, because your prospective customers are going to form an opinion about your reputation on the basis of what you are showing to them. It should be noted that anything less than satisfactory can be the deciding factor in making or breaking your reputation. At Hunter Drone Services, we understand that it takes years to build reputation and only one mistake to destroy it altogether; therefore, we make sure that our services resonate with your requirements as well as the desired outcomes. Our prime objective is to deliver results that not only uphold your reputation but also take it several notches up.

We have years of experience in the industry, backed by qualified resources and modern equipment to capitalize on. Our drone operators are also the well-versed photographers who possess in-depth knowledge of commercial photography and know how to make your commercial pictures leave a lasting impact on the beholder, through stunning aerial shots.

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