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Real Estate

Hunter drone services offers highly motivated well trained and qualified pilots to capture the storey of your property listing


Hunter Drone Services has all of your aerial agricultural needs covered, from simple jobs like aerial pictures to more complex like contour surveys


Hunter Drone Services has all of your aerial Thermal needs covered, from detecting moisture in buildings, walls and roofs we can also offer

Custom Requirements

We can do jobs as important as SES search and rescue with the latest in full thermal cameras with the capability to set a temperature range

Professional Aerial Photography Drone

Hunter Drone Services is passionate about photography and so we are taking it to a whole new level with our professional aerial photography that’s facilitated by multi-rotor drones that boast of latest technology and thus precision.

Our drone photography facility is tailored to meet your diverse requirements. Whether it is real estate, agriculture or thermal detection applications, Hunter Drone Services have you covered.
Aerial Photography – Let’s walk through the various aspects

Aerial photography is more than wielding just a camera. It entails a Drone that carries digital camera, which is as competent as any DSLR. The difference lies in the operation. Everything, from flying the Drone to taking pictures, is done remotely – which is piece of cake for our professionals. The professional aerial photography drone that we use features 3-axis stabilized Gimbal for high accuracy and cost-effective conduct. Also, it can carry any kind of camera that you need for your aerial photography operations.

When you call us for your aerial photography campaign, you need not worry about making any special arrangements; everything will be taken care of by our professionals. Further, setting up the drone is quick and easy. We assemble the parts – mount the camera – insert the battery – and have the Drone hovering over the subject or the concerned area. Drone photography is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a helicopter or an aircraft. By the virtue of flexible functions and advance features, you don’t have to leave the ground to capture images from the sky.

For property inspectors and agrarians, drones can be of great help. It can easily collect the data from the locations which do not offer easy access to humans. A drone can fly at a height of 120 metres, which translates to easy access to the rooftops of tall buildings and even skyscrapers whilst standing on the ground or at the terrace of relatively shorter building.

Hunter Drone Services leverages every advance and basic feature of the drone to yield the best results.

You can have us at your disposal for the following operations:

Real Estate Aerial Photography

It’s easier to impress prospective buyers with some fine aerial shots of your property, and we at Hunter Drone Services make sure that it doesn’t cost you arm and leg.

Agriculture Aerial Photography and Surveying

Contour surveying across the vast agricultural fields can be done through aerial photography assistance in a matter of few hours, at a fraction of cost that would have incurred through other means of surveying.

Thermal and other Custom Aerial Photography Operations

Thermal imaging is now possible using professional drones. Hunter Drone Services takes pride in being at the forefront of drone photography applications, including thermal photography and custom aerial photography for events and concerts.

Hunter Drone Services

We do Projects from surveying, real estate and agriculture NDVI, plus Thermal services
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Hunter Drone Services is a qualified RPA operator and we hold our Masters UAV OC, with full insurance